About Us

We are SignsUC

With over 37 years of industry experience, attention to client requirements and innovative production processes SignsUC is at the leading edge of providing signage solutions. We can speak from experience, a knowledge that only comes to hand from years of exposure to the elements of our signed environment.

SignsUC can listen and interpret your brief into clear communication which speaks to your target market. Our internal manufacturing process provides versatility and quick turnaround times on your project, with in-house design and expertise you can rely on your requirements being achieved.

Our skilled team comes together from an extensively broad range of trade, management and design backgrounds, with traditional sign writers, manufacturing specialists and management.

In addition to SignsUC own abilities, we harmoniously work with designers, builders, developers, architects and engineers. We value our relationships with every client and forge a partnership we are committed to. SignsUC is working with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve affordable signage with impact!


Choosing the right signage partner for your business is critical.

Using the very latest sign making and design software we can take your existing design, business card, letterhead etc and faithfully reproduce it into a full size signage scheme, alternatively take your ideas, sketches and develop them into an eye catching sign or printed item. The use of modern, traditional or a blend of both methods and materials, whichever best suits your design/desired look giving outstanding results, which will enhance any business.

SignsUC approaches every enquiry whether large or small with our customary attention to detail and professionalism. Enjoying a working knowledge of the sign industry, gained over 30 years of experience, combined with a thorough understanding of the objectives and goals to be achieved, we are able to make a sound unbiased assessment of the full range of materials and methods available to create startling signage giving impact and maximum cost effectiveness.

The key to our approach is personal service combined with sound working knowledge. This provides you the client, with a combination of old fashion craftsmanship and our modern day approach to solve any challenge you may have for us.

Our goal is to provide you with the best Signage and Printing at the most cost effective price for your project.